Hiatus: April Supplement

So, it would appear that my break from WoW is becoming more and more indefinite. Or should I say that my return to WoW is becoming less and less definite?

Massively Distracted

My partner and I have been playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning for the last couple of weeks and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. I am a Chaos Zealot, a scary and hunched-over religious creep who's name means "blight". It sounds deadly, but the class is much better at healing than anything else, which suits me fine. I'm paired with a Dark Elf Black Guard, whom I hide behind (literally, because positioning somewhat matters) whilst our foes are whittled down into bloody tatters.

The game doesn't really seem to have evolved much since I last played (a few months after launch). The graphics are just stunning in some areas, but spell animations can be a little glitchy if you mash your buttons. However, the number of subscribers is nothing like it was at launch, and there are constant reminders (like the fact there are now just 6 servers).

If you are looking for a good cry read, I highly recommend this depressing tell-all by a former Warhammer Online GM. I still wish this game was doing better financially, because there are some really great differences between WoW and WAR where it leaps ahead. Public Quests and lairs are world-PvE opportunities that I wish Blizzard copied. The ability to target a friend and a foe simultaneously allows for some really interesting ability design.

I am finding the change of pace refreshing, since leaving WoW. WAR is definitely worth a look, especially since the first 10 levels are free. Note that WAR now has a Mac client, so now you can play a different game while you "think different". We're hanging out on Gorfang, so come on down and celebrate the mercy of murder.

The Glorious Strategist

I'm still occasionally plugging away at the StarCraft Brood War campaign. The end is in sight, however, as I'm halfway through the final Zerg story. This really isn't a terrific way to skill up for StarCraft 2, however, since the campaign AI is so predictable and not especially aggressive. I've given myself carpal-tunnel by crossing my fingers for a beta key for too long.

I ended up grabbing Supreme Commander 2 and while I find it okay to play on occasion, it's really inferior to the original in many ways. I don't mind the graphical simplification (so modern computers can actually play at full settings, yay!) but the gameplay has been "sexed-up" such that skirmishes are faster and research is less satisfying. The spiritual successor to Total Annihilation has been morphed into the popcorn of real-time strategy.

I was looking forward to the Chaos expansion to Dawn of War 2, but haven't been able to afford it yet. On a side note, the job-search is really depressing and I think I may soon turn to prostitution (ie: telemarketing). They stripped all the base building out of DoW2, which I sorely miss, but there are plenty of armies and new combat mechanics to distract you. Worth a look if you thought the original wasn't fast-paced enough.

Promises, Promises

Anyhow, that's all for now. I'm fairly certain I'll come check out Cataclysm, and maybe even the Ruby Sanctum. Ciao for now, WoW cows. :)


  1. Still so much potential in WAR, I really hope they turn this one around somehow. I miss my Warrior Priest.

    How did you find the low levels population wise? I would expect them to be pretty full up with trials?

  2. All new characters start in the Empire-versus-Chaos zone, and only full members can leave for the Elf-on-Elf or Greenskin-versus-Stuntie-I-mean-Dwarf zones. So yeah, fairly decent numbers in Tier 1 (1-10) Chaos.

    We're on Gorfang which is no where near the most populated of the 6 remaining servers, so after Tier 1 (and anywhere non-Chaos) things dry up a little. At least we have each other. :)

    I agree about the potential. In fact, I might post about it since there's just too much for a comment.

  3. Black Orc or gtfo, also Chaos Rising is amazing. I was so suprised at just how good the campaign was, the plot twists, the replayability, and and the Hive Tyrant addition to The Last Stand makes me happyyyyyyyyy.

  4. Coolies. Makes me want to check it out even more. :)