Brief WoW-Hiatus

My raiding guild stopped raiding a few weeks ago, and Obsolete was probably the most progressed guild I have been in. It might be the most progressed guild I will ever be in. So with that guild announcement, I have started looking beyond WoW for my entertainment and I definitely feel better for it.

I've played through BioShock 1 & 2, saving Little Sisters and resisting the thirst for vengeance (thus yielding the super-good endings). I thoroughly enjoyed both games, and Rapture certainly continues to be a terrific setting for storytelling. I have yet to try multi-player (available in the sequel, only) but I hear it's a successful complement to the solo game.

I am currently working my way through StarCraft (the original) without cheating. In the past I've been a little too quick to skip missions and I aim to better myself in this respect. I've almost finished the original Protoss campaign, and then I'll move on to Brood War. I was not one of the incredibly lucky recipients of StarCraft 2 beta keys, so this is how I'll get my fix. I pray to Blizzard every night before going to bed. :P

I am moving house in a few weeks, so I'm trying to stay out of WoW until I've settled into the new place. It wouldn't seem fair to apply to a new guild (or sub-guild) and then suddenly be unavailable while I wait for the new ADSL connection. Also, I hear my favourite Death Knight tree, Frost, will be getting some love in 3.3.3, so until that patch is released I would just be /sighing alot.

So I'm continuing my little break for the next few weeks. Until I return, may all your /rolls be 100.


  1. :] I just wanted to let you know I read.

    I can't wait will you move to The CC!

  2. Haha. <3

    As soon as 3.3.3 is released I'll be online to make you those Engineering pets. :)

  3. Yeah, I've been lurking hither and thither 'bout some "Unreal" places when I can. Can't wait until my 'net connection goes live (might be next Friday).

    3.3.3 looks terrific and I can't wait to come back. :)