Guild Progression

Okay, I'm trialing with yet another guild. If word gets out that I'm some sort of cursed "guild killer" then I'm sure I'll not be darkening any doorways again, but for now the prevailing theory (and one I hope is true) is that the game has changed too much and some people are just getting over raiding.

Even in the new guild we have "staff shortages", but these aren't sufficient to prevent us from raiding. It merely limits our choices and we'll often end up slightly melee-heavy or ranged-heavy. Despite a sub-optimal group (and that isn't my appraisal, no sir) we still seem more than capable of progressing. Yay!

I am impressed with how smooth everything runs in Obsolete. The website loads faster than my previous guilds' (less cruft) and the raid management tool is particularly professional. The loot system is zero-sum DKP which works wonderfully for a successful guild like this one. Because it relies on actually defeating encounters, this did not end up being such a terrific fit for The Pacemakers towards the end.

The guild is also populated entirely by mature players who prove that they can have fun without taking jokes too far. We can discuss strategies and fine-tune them carefully without anyone taking things too personally. At the end of the day, when everyone is assigned to tasks they do best, the raid succeeds and we all go home happy.

Hodir 25-man Heroic Difficulty

As per what I assume are going to be fairly universal strategies, we endeavoured to keep everyone as completely buffed as possible. Once we managed to keep everyone defrosted (and I went and got myself frozen a few times /blush) this became fairly straightforward.

Thorim 25-man Heroic Difficulty

The guild spent some time after getting Hodir's heroic mode on learning the best positioning for Thorim's. The next night we went in gun's ablazing and got it with few issues.

Thorim's initial dejavu was definitely beginning to grate by the time we finally succeeded. Blizzard ought to look at this sort of thing, especially since multiple wipes are pretty much expected.

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