3.2.2: the good and the bad

Okay, this will be short and sweet. This latest patch is disappointing for the following reasons:
  1. The Northrend Beasts encounter is still causing far more network traffic than it ought to. This means some raiders who can ordinarily play through the other four encounters will still be mysteriously disconnected throughout the first one. I have a theory about "invisible snobolds"...
  2. "New" armor does not even seem to feature increased polygon counts. They really are exactly like their level 60 counterparts. Given the corners they have cut and the time they have saved, Blizzard better knock my socks off with Icecrown, that's all I can say.
  3. Onyxia's Lair lacks a built-in instance map. This is the only level 80 instance that does not have a map. It seems like such a strange oversight for the "latest" raid to miss out on this treatment.
  4. The Onyxia's Lair achievements are filed with all the Naxxramas ones. Most of the other raid achievements for this latest content patch are in the Call of the Crusade section, so I find this oddly inconsistent. Why not group them chronologically like they have done for everything else so far?

That said, it isn't all bad. There are a few silver linings:
  1. "New" content means we will run out of unfinished raid-night activities just a little slower than before. Just a little slower...
  2. The Death Knight tanks in the guild appear to be useful again. Given all the DKP they have spent preparing for that role, it is terrific for them to actually be chosen for it once again.
  3. The Blood "nerf" is totally justified as other bloggers have stated. Heart Strike was simultaneously the best single-target move and the best multi-target move, which is a really bad idea from the perspective of class balance.

So... were you excited about anything in patch 3.2.2?


  1. the onyx achievements arent 'with' the nax ones, they are under the wotlk raids tab... same place you would find the sarth and maly ones. 3.0 wotlk, 3.1 ulduar, 3.2 toc.

  2. I suppose Onyxia doesn't really fit in with the Secret of Ulduar or Argent Coliseum achievements. I always thought Blizzard was sorting the dungeon achievements by content patch, but it is more like they are just sorting them by theme.

    It does make more sense to me now that I look at it like that.