Killing Machine: The Feast Begins

I finally completed The Sacred and the Corrupt last night. Great big thanks to Naboo, Gadiyus, Cloria and Prostyles, without whom I would have had an even tougher time coming up with all those darn Primordial Saronite. Of course, I wouldn't have been able to do this at all without my guild: Obsolete. Thanks to all who had a part in allowing me to build Shadow's Edge. :)

I've already begun the lengthy Feast of Souls quest, in continuation of the legendary quest line. Last night I managed to feed this hungry weapon a whopping total of 18 souls before the guild succumbed to latency issues. With the current pre-3.3.2 timing involved with Blood Queen Lana'thel's Vampiric Bite, we try not to waste attempts on particularly laggy nights, which unfortunately makes progression more difficult than it really needs to be. :S

Just a reminder to anyone else suffering on Barthilas: be sure to report latency issues as often as they occur using the in-game tool, so Blizzard knows that they really have to do something about the Oceanic realms and the Bloodlust battle group. I normally rest on anywhere between 250ms and 350ms (I refuse to engage a tunnelling service on principle), and I post reports whenever it's over 600ms.


  1. Aye, Wednesday night lag is killing Pirates at the moment and making Vok a very angry Shaman.

    What's involved in creating your weapon?

  2. I've been doing the Report Lag thing. I really hope someone out there takes notice :( But I'm just not convinced.

    Wednesday night was really... not fun.

  3. Regarding my legendary, the hard part is over ... for now. Once I have the 1000 souls, I then need to infuse with everything that makes DKs awesome: Unholiness from Putricide, Bloodiness from Lana'thel and Frostiness from Sindragosa. That's more guild stuff though, which means I'm probably 4th in line for being allowed to do all that (and we didn't have enough attempts left for our 1st in line to get his done this week).

    After the souls and the infusion, this most unholy of weapons needs to be further imbued with the power from 50 shards of Arthas' throne. I think Illidan might have cracked the throne or something way back when, and once I'm up to that quest we'll be able to see bosses randomly dropping them (bit like the Fragments of Val'anyr).

    That's it! Then I wield a weapon hopefully as powerful as Frostmourne but without some of the nastier side-effects. The final quest is to simply defeat Arthas with it. I'm hoping there's some good lore at the end.

  4. I think it's a bit of a shame than you need to kill Arthas to get it. It would be nice to see you use it TOO kill him. After all, once his dead, what do you need it for??

  5. Oh, I think that's how it works, Vok. Maybe. I think I get the shards and actually finish Shadowmourne, then I am tasked with using it against Arthas. Anyhow, gonna post a bit more about it soon. :)