The Warlock Diaries: Sholazar Basin

A short time after Vocah (my main) reached the level cap, I swapped Mining in exchange for Blacksmithing (retaining Engineering, don't you worry) and started work on Hus so I'd still be able to gather ore when I needed to. I was sitting on two level 80 toons long before 3.1 and I had completely forgotten all about my Burning Crusade main that I left back on the blasted remnants of Draenor.

With 3.3 looming on the horizon, I finally dusted off Gachnar a few weeks ago and he is currently working through the quests in The Basin. Something I've noticed is that most of the terrifyingly higher-level Horde players in the zone are too busy farming to stop by for a little murder. Sometimes I can actually survive for more than a few internecine moments in my mish-mash of Black Temple loot and heirlooms.

This is now only the third time I have had the pleasure of working through this zone.
  • having an Artisan-speed flying mount is just terrific
  • Nesingwary's quests are a great way to gain levels when fully rested
  • it really is just like Un'goro Crater, but better

A few thoughts about the process of levelling a Warlock now:
  • heirloom experience bonuses are awesome
  • the Dungeon Finder is amazing, I owe at least half of every level to it
  • Demonology is just wonderful and fun, I can't see myself ever leaving this talent tree
  • part of the last point: I'm confused about whether or not I should pony up for Dual-Talents
  • Hunter and Warlock pets should probably get Expertise from somewhere
  • I can still get myself into trouble with "aggressive" pets
  • ignoring raiding and the economy, Engineering is definitely the best profession :P
  • Gnomes should learn to enter water less enthusiastically so we don't all drown :)
I think my next character will either be my Priest or perhaps a Rogue. I haven't really decided, but my Priest is already at level 70. Hmmmm.

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