New Guild, New Game

So very shortly after the meltdown of my old guild, a few of us sought out a new guild. I feel somewhat guilty, as being an officer in The Pacemakers felt more than a mere responsibility or commitment, it felt more like a relationship. We worked so hard to make things work. Just like a real-life break-up, I have to wonder how long a player ought to wait before finding a new guild?

Anyhow, the new guild is great. The Pacemakers, throughout its prolonged death-spiral, seemed to eject the best of our membership at regular (but no less surprising) intervals. Many of them found their way to Dyslexics Untie (I've always loved that guild name), so while I audition for a full-membership here it feels just like The Pacemakers in our strongest times. There isn't any frustration or stagnation, only cheerful and confident voices making jokes and successfully progressing.

I have to wonder what makes DU different to TPM? Why does one guild flourish while another is forced to go on hiatus? I think is comes down to a few episodes of bad luck, and I'm not convinced DU would have survived similar circumstances. Then again, maybe they have already and maybe they'll survive them over and over again. Does this sort of thing all come down to leadership? What could I have personally done as an officer to keep TPM fun and alive?

The reason I started this blog was basically to keep my brain active in the vocabulary-sense. I'm also a very opinionated World of Warcraft player, so hopefully I can stretch my brain and vent in a healthy and constructive manner. :) I don't intend for future posts to be so feeble, that's something I'll work on. It definitely feels like moving forward there will only be positive entries. Let's keep those fingers crossed and those rose-coloured glasses firmly equipped.

Stay tuned. I have some projects I'm working on covering several difference aspects of the game, and I don't plan on restricting my posts to the subject of WoW (although that will remain the primary focus of this blog).

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